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Breakfast Bread
Chicken Parmesan - Perk
Food - Veggies - Perk
UM - Rolls
Food - Boxed Lunch  UM
Food - Bagels - UM
UM - Brussels
UM - Grilled Flank Steak
Food UM Deli Bar Salad
Catering - Salad - Warner

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We understand the importance of catering on your campus as well as in the community.  We are accustomed to planning and executing upscale events.  We are ready to provide you with exceptional quality, service and upscale presentation. 


Our unrivaled experience, professionalism and food quality that’s second to none helps our team produce many incredibly successful events each year. With beautifully prepared and delicious food, outstanding design, and a courteous staff that prides itself on excellence, we’ll make your guests feel special – Allowing you to focus solely on the mission of your event.  Any budget - Any style – From 10 guests to 5,000+ - We’ll make it happen!

From start to finish, we will take care of every last detail.  We will offer a broad range of catering menus and event services.  Our culinary team will welcome events that require custom menus, ethnic menus and other special requests.

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